Bader Postgraduate Fellowships in Chemistry support a study of young Czech students at the Harvard University, Columbia University, Imperial College of London and University of Pennsylvania. The Fellowships provide a three years support and cover also travel expenses (return ticket). Suitable candidates are selected based on their academic records and the letter of recommendation. More information and contact addresses can be found in the instructions (in Czech). Consult following page to read more about former fellowship holders.

The Bader Scholarship for Research of 17th Century Painting is given every year to art historians younger than 35 years. The Bader Scholarship is the unique private support of art history research in the Czech Republic and the sole continuous support given to the youngest generation of art historians. Since 1992, the scholarship was given to many young Czech art historians (in Czech) to cover the costs of their travels abroad to study 17th century painting. The scholarships are administered by the American Joint Distribution Committee and the Czech Association of Art Historians. The complete text of conditions (in Czech) and the application form (in Czech) are available for download.