Martin Smrčina






Aventis Combinatorial Technology Centre, 1580 East Hanley Blvd., Tucson Arizona, 85737, USA










combinatorial chemistry, medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, asymmetric synthesis, reaction mechanisms.




Short CV:


1992 Ph.D. with M. Procházka, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, broad scientific collaboration with P. Kočovský and V. Hanuš
1990-1996 Assistant Professor at Department of Organic Chemistry, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
1992 Visiting Scientist at EMPA - ETH Zurich, Switzerland
1993-1994 Visiting Scientist with John E. McMurry at Cornell University, USA
1996-1997 Visiting Scientist with John Erickson at National Cancer Institute, Frederick MD, USA
since 1997 Aventis Combinatorial Technology Centre, USA






1995 Alfred Bader Prize for Bioorganic Chemistry from the Czech Chemical Society
2000 Aventis Company Special Achievement Award for Contribution to Lantern Technology Development
2002 Aventis Company Special Achievement Award for Contribution to New Library Concept




Publications & Patents:


Smrčina, M., Vyskočil, S., Hanuš, V., Polášek, M., Langer, V., Chew, B. G. M., Zax, D.B. Verrier, H., Harper, K., Claxton, T.A., Kočovský, P. The SN2 Reaction in Solid State. An Unusual, BAl2 Aminolysis of an Ester Group in Crystalline (+)-2-Amino-2'-hydroxy-3'-(methoxycarbonyl)-1,1'-binaphthyl Elucidated by X-ray Diffraction and Isotopic Labeling. New Experimental Evidence for Linearity in SN2 Substitutions. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 118: 487 (1996).
Pátek, M., Šafář, P., Smrčina, M., Wegrzyniak, E., Strop, P., Flynn, G., Baum, S. Apparatus and Method for Synthesizing Combinatorial Libraries. Int. pub. # WO 01/38268 A1, Int. Appl. # PCT/US00/32104, Priority data 09/449, 222 (1999).
Pátek, M., Smrčina, M., Nakanishi, E., Izawa, H. Solid-Phase Synthesis of Substituted Guanidines Using a Novel Acid Labile Linker. J. Comb. Chem. 2: 370 (2000).
Tureček, F., Scheidemann, A.A., Olney, T.A., Smrčina, M., Štrop, P., Schirlin, D., Pátek, M., Preparative Separation of Mixtures by Mass Spectrometry. Patent Application Submitted 03 (2002).
Kočovský, P., Vyskočil, S., Smrčina, M. Non-Symmetrically Substituted 1,1'-Binaphthyls in Enantioselective Catalysis. Chem. Rev. 103: 3213 (2003).




Research interest:


Teaching, organic reaction mechanisms, new reagents in synthesis, asymmetric synthesis and catalysis. Research oriented towards design and synthesis of new ligands for asymmetric catalysis based on 1,1'-binaphthylic scaffold. Drug discovery with emphasize to design and development of compound libraries of drug-like structures for biological screening targeting modulation of activity of Protein Kinases and G-protein Coupled Receptors in particular. Synthetic technology for High throughput Combinatorial and Medicinal chemistry. Solid phase synthesis and solid phase monitoring techniques.